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      Featured Review
    The Complete Allman Brothers Discography
    It would be an understatement to call this a labor of love. Dean Reynolds, perhaps the foremost Allman authority, saw and befriended the group back in '70 - whilst taping the now released Ludlow Garage show in Cincinnati. His collection and every thing he could scan turns on the tap and a main river of American Music pours forth. The 225 page book impresses with ... [MORE]

      Featured Interview
    Doc Watson - Flatpicking Guitar Legend 
    Arthel "Doc" Watson's Vanguard album in 1964, and the live festival, concert, and coffeehouse performances which immediately preceded and followed it, marked a quiet but real revolution in the folk music field. They showcased the most exciting traditional folk performer to emerge in a generation -- a fully mature artist who at once embodied the roots and traditions of the old-time country music, and also stepped beyond them with his own brilliant innovations and polished per ... [MORE]

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