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      Featured Review
    James Brown - Soul Pride: The Instrumentals 1960-69
    James Brown, godfather of soul, sex machine and hardest working man in show business had a sideline from recording hits in the Sixties which was to change his name and write and record instrumentals. Without hearing these intense and moody workouts (which were expensive to collect on vinyl) part of the picture was missing. You wouldn't have had soul music without James Brown and you wouldn't have had the JB's (Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis, Fred Wes ... [MORE]

      Featured Interview
    Clive Chin - 70's Reggae Producer 
    Legendary 70's Reggae Producer on the glory days of Randy's Studio 17 in Kingston, Jamaica. His production credits include Bob Marley and The Wailers, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Augustus Pablo while working the boards with Lee "Scratch" Perry and Errol Thompson. Chin discusses the Far East Sound of 'Java' and the spontaneous sessions which produced Forward the Bass.

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