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      Featured Review
    Paul McCartney - Run Devil Run (Capitol)
    Macca is back! Sir Paul rocks with more abandon than anytime since his Hamburg days, backed by Dave Gilmour on guitar and Deep Purple's Ian Paice on drums. Run Devil Run recreates the live wire energy of original '50's Rock. The tight interplay came from limiting the number of takes of each song in jams covering Perkins, Presley, Berry and Do ... [MORE]

      Featured Interview
    Doc Watson - Flatpicking Guitar Legend 
    Arthel "Doc" Watson's Vanguard album in 1964, and the live festival, concert, and coffeehouse performances which immediately preceded and followed it, marked a quiet but real revolution in the folk music field. They showcased the most exciting traditional folk performer to emerge in a generation -- a fully mature artist who at once embodied the roots and traditions of the old-time country music, and also stepped beyond them with his own brilliant innovations and polished per ... [MORE]

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